Scapino & Guys and Dolls: The Nanuet Music Department Hits

Rich Banat

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On Friday and Saturday, November 4th and 5th, The Nanuet High School Dramatic Society performed the play “Scapino”, the tale of a conman in Naples, Italy. Starring Carlos Prats as Scapino, the wonderful story involves plenty of laugh-out-loud comedy of all sorts, from violent sausage fights to homeless men selling ice cream and everything in between. Featuring other fun characters like Giacinta (Laryssa Filatov), Ottavio (Louis Somma), and Carlo (Richard Banat), the cast of characters created laughter and high spirits within the audience from start to finish. The show was a great success both nights, due to the fabulous efforts of the whole cast and crew, as well as the gelato sold during intermission. It was a great show overall for Nanuet.

Now that the fall show is over, the cast and crew of Scapino, along with some new faces, will be preparing for the spring musical “Guys and Dolls”. Guys and Dolls is a Classic Broadway show, taking place in the busy city of New York. Guys and Dolls is the story of Nathan Detroit, the head of an illegal underground gambling game, and Sky Masterson, a slick bachelor and gambler. While Sky claims to never want to fall in love, Nathan holds onto his fiancé to whom he has been engaged to for 14 years. Leading female roles like Adelaide, Nathan’s fiancé, and Sara, Sky’s love interest, have required a lot of talented girls in the cast to step up and showcase their talents. Returning stars like Richard Banat and Louis Somma are excited to take the stage in their last high school show, which is expected to open in mid-March. “It’s the greatest musical of all time,” claims director Dr. Jack Gremli, “and I wouldn’t dare put on this show unless I knew the cast was capable.”


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Scapino & Guys and Dolls: The Nanuet Music Department Hits