Dedication & Determination Were Key Ingredients for a Successful Winter Track Season

Sarah Thomas

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Determination is defined as “firmness of purpose.” This is a characteristic Nanuet’s track athletes know well. No matter how grueling the workouts were, team members never quit or gave up. Although athletes in track participate in their own individual events, besides relays of course, everyone sees themselves as part of a larger team. An athlete may be a sprinter, a distance runner, a thrower, a jumper, a hurdler, a racewalker, or a pole vaulter, but members of the track team feel like they are all in it together. Everyone experiences the same conditioning and workouts, meets, and long nights after those meets. Sticking together, supporting each other and pushing ourselves to the limit takes determination.

Dedication is defined as “devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.” The track team shows its dedication by members giving their best effort. We rely on our coaches who promise us that they will guide us and mold us into the athletes that they know we can become. In return, we give them our trust and show our dedication, through our determination, to do our best. Clearly, the dedication and determination of both the coaches and athletes got results. Nanuet High School Winter Track Team had an incredibly successful season. The boys’ team won first place and the girls’ team won second place at the Section 1 Class B Track & Field Championships. Earning an achievement like this was a tremendous reward for all the hard work everyone put in, physically and mentally. Being recognized with a plaque that has our school’s name on it is nice. But the truth is, the realization that if we put our minds and hearts into something success is bound to follow, is even better.

Being part of the winter track team was a great experience. I got in shape for spring track, proved to myself that I was a better athlete than I originally thought, made the varsity squad and made new friends that understand me. I invested a lot of time in this sport and in supporting my team members, which created such strong bonds that I consider them my sisters. When you’re part of winter track, everyone is in it together, so members become like family.

Huge thanks to the winter track coaches: Coach Barron, Coach Beckerle, Coach Marinello, and Coach Mitlof. Without them, our track team would not have had such a successful season!

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Dedication & Determination Were Key Ingredients for a Successful Winter Track Season